Water & Natural Resources

Friends of Flagstaff’s Future takes seriously the scientific evidence that climate change will lead to a drier climate and increasing droughts in our region. Therefore, water conservation measures are crucial to ensuring the well-being of current residents and future generations. Water catchment and collecting systems, low-water landscaping, and other water conservation measures should be employed. F3 believes A+ reclaimed water must be thoroughly tested and treated for compounds of emerging concerns and PFAS (“forever chemicals”) prior to current aquifer recharge (indirect potable reuse) and as part of a direct potable reuse scenario which could be implemented at some point in the near future. All water sources must be priced to reflect their true cost. Water should never be privatized, but always remain a public commodity.

It’s expected that Flagstaff will continue to grow as climate migrants continue to move north to flee warming temperatures caused by climate change. Flagstaff has at least two elements that will limit its growth: private land and potable water. F3 believes population growth needs to be limited to the carrying capacity of the Coconino aquifer.

F3 believes that native trees and natural features like cliffs, rock outcroppings, springs, and geological features such as steep slopes should be protected during development. Wildlife corridors must be identified and protected across the landscape.

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