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Civic Engagement

Friends of Flagstaff’s Future believes that all residents should have an opportunity to influence decisions that affect them. In the spirit of community engagement, we call for the City of Flagstaff and other governmental agencies to reach across traditional lines differences including race, socioeconomic class, age, and language to connect with and educate residents.

We support efforts to increase voter turnout and education to ensure that elected officials truly represent residents. We hold the vision that community members should participate fully at every level of decision-making including needs assessment, planning, implementation, enforcement, and evaluation.

We endeavor to partner with the city, county, NAU, local organizations, and independent residents to create opportunities for civic engagement. We also support efforts of residents to self-organize to find novel solutions to community problems without relying on government.

F3’s 2022 Voter Guide to Propositions

F3 supports propositions that relate to our mission and address and improve our focus areas.

Download F3’s guide here

Read a summary of each of the propositions and explanations of F3’s recommendations here

F3’s 2022 Flagstaff Council Candidate Questionnaires with Answers

City Mayoral Candidate Questionnaire with answers from the two primary candidates here (July 2022)
City Council Candidate Questionnaire with answers from six of the seven candidates here (September 2022)