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Friends of Flagstaff’s Future is a grassroots, multi-issue organization
whose mission is to achieve a sustainable, just, and thriving Flagstaff
through community education, engagement, and advocacy.

In 2019, we embarked on a revitalization plan to ensure that we can continue to be a voice to protect the quality of life for all of Flagstaff’s residents.



Flagstaff will be a model southwest mountain town that relishes its unique character,
sense of place on the Colorado Plateau, ecological and cultural diversity,
beauty, and its sustainability into the future.

What We Do

Friends of Flagstaff’s Future works to promote and sustain our community’s quality of life. We approach these issues with a perspective that takes into account the pressures of growth, the perils of climate change, the need for socially just practices, and the reality that many of our focus areas are interrelated and may be in conflict some of the time. Our goal is to educate and advocate in our community for policies that will lead Flagstaff’s transition towards a more resilient, sustainable and just community and economy. These policies include elevating the stewardship of our built and natural environments, minimizing the consumption of energy and the destruction of natural resources, and strengthening the local and green economy. 


We do this by monitoring and participating in our City Council and other relevant meetings and advocating on behalf of our mission and focus areas. We seek accountability and transparency from our local leaders and institutions. We meet regularly with City staff and others in the community to work to achieve our goals. We follow and participate in local and regional planning efforts. We communicate what we learn to our members and the public, provide education on relevant topics, and engage our members in various programs and activities that further our goals.  

Our Focus Areas

Land Use & The Built Environment

Open Space, Public Spaces, & Viewsheds

Climate Change Adaptation & Resilience


Local, Resilient, & Equitable Economy

Water & Natural Resources


Civic Engagement