We are Flagstaff’s oldest grassroots, community supported advocacy organization.

Our mission is to achieve a sustainable, just, and thriving Flagstaff through community education, civic  engagement, and advocacy. We advocate for policies that will lead Flagstaff’s transition towards a more resilient, sustainable and just community and economy. We do this by:

elevating the importance of stewardship of our built and natural environments,
minimizing energy consumption and natural resource destruction,
strengthening the local and green economy and fostering an active citizenry.

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We’re hiring a Membership Coordinator.
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Become A Member

Participate in your community with like-minded friends and neighbors. Together we are stronger.

Our Work

Monitor and participate in our City Council and Commission processes and with other relevant agencies and organizations;
Seek public accountability and transparency from our local leaders and institutions;
Meet regularly with City staff and other decision makers in our community;
Participate in local and regional planning efforts;
Engage our members and the wider public through vigorous, informed communication, work groups, voter forums,  and other opportunities for meaningful public action.

Our Focus Areas

Friends of Flagstaff’s Future, or F3, works to sustain and improve our community’s quality of life. Our perspective takes into account the pressures of growth, the perils of climate change, the need for socially just practices, and the reality that these concerns are interrelated and may sometimes be in conflict. Click the topics below to read more about our focus areas:

Land Use and the Built Environment
Open Spaces, Public Spaces and Viewsheds
Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience
Local Resilient and Equitable Economy
Water and Natural Resources
Civic Engagement

At Friends of Flagstaff’s Future, we believe in the collective action of engaged and informed citizens to protect the unique character of Flagstaff and to meet the challenges of our swiftly changing world. If you agree, please join us by becoming a supporting member, donating or volunteering.

We are a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization and your contribution is tax deductible.

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