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Recent Accomplishments

A summary of our major accomplishments in 2022 can be found here.

In October 2022, we held a City Council Forum where community members asked questions and heard answers from six of the seven running for City Council. We also surveyed the Council candidates and posted their answer on our website.

In June 2022, we held the Mayoral Candidate Forum for the first time since 2018! Over 100 attended the live event and more watched the recording. We also surveyed the three mayoral candidates and posted their answers to 10 questions on our website.

2021 was a busy year for F3! We’ve had our finger on the pulse of issues affecting the city, as well as decisions and plans for the future. Our Executive Director, Michele James, has concentrated on meeting and establishing relationships with City Council and staff, Coconino County supervisors and staff, and many community organizations. She attended all Council meetings, as well as multiple monthly city commission meetings in order to keep members informed of City Council actions and relevant discussions. F3 increased our membership by 255% since 2019 and increased our operating revenue.

Click here or on the cover to the left to view the entire 2021 Annual Report. Or download the PDF.

Past Accomplishments

In F3’s formative years, many of our “accomplishments” defy easy classification. F3 raised awareness on issues around open space, worked with other organizations on local environmental issues, and carefully monitored the deliberations and decisions of city officials.

It was that kind of engaged activity focused on the common good that attracted nearly 1,000 members to our organization. 

Additional Highlights

New Executive Director Hired: Michele James was hired in late October 2020. Michele is a longtime resident of Flagstaff with experience in working with stakeholders, ecosystem management, and civic engagement.

2020 Campaign: In preparation for the primary and general election, we posed 13 questions to Flagstaff’s mayoral candidates and published their answers on our website, Facebook page and in our Communications Newsletter.

Revitalization of F3: We began our 2020 membership drive by contacting all former members and raised over $10,000!

Lobbied against the Anti-Camping Ordinance and worked to promote “Safe Lots”, a designated safe parking area for people who live in their car

Hosted the City Council Candidate forum with round-table discussions; 160 community members attended.

Conducted multiple public presentations in support of Prop 422 (Attainable Housing Bond) in order to educate the community about how to increase affordable housing in Flagstaff.

As part of the proposed Plastic Bag Ban effort, we interviewed local businesses about the impact of banning plastic bags in their establishments and found many in agreement with a ban. The State later took away the ability of local jurisdictions to enact this ban.

Flagstaff Regional Plan: Successfully defended language on climate change, walkable neighborhoods, and other environmental elements. Council unanimously sent the Plan to the voters who approved it.

Advocated for open space to successfully obtain an official “open space” designation for the city­-owned land at Shultz Pass and the parcel east of the Elks Lodge (later renamed the Buffalo Park Annex).

Successfully addressed a threat to low income housing by successfully opposing a student housing development which threatened to displace Arrowhead Village and potentially negatively impact the historic neighborhood of La Plaza Vieja.

See more in our historical archives