F3 Candidate Questionnaire

F3 sent out a Questionnaire to the city council and mayoral candidates.  We asked a series of yes or no questions in order to publish a short printed guide to their views of issues of importance to our members. Many of the candidates complained about reducing complicated questions to simple yes or know answers. All of the candidates except Mayor Nabours responded.  Click below to see each candidates complete answers to the Questionnaire.


Friends of Flagstaff’s Future
2014 City Council and Mayoral Candidate Questionnaire Answers:


pdfCelia Barotz

 pdfJeff Knorr

 pdfJim McCarthy

 pdfCharlie Odegaard

 pdfScott Overton

 pdfEva Putzova

 pdfMark Woodson

 pdfJames Hasapis


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2014 City Council Campaign Forum

Please join Friends of Flagstaff's Future (F3) for a forum for City Council and Mayoral Candidates on Thursday, July 24th at 6pm at Flagstaff High School. This forum will give voters an opportunity to get to know the candidates in an informal setting. Each candidate will share a brief opening statement then take their place at a "round table" where an F3 representative will facilitate a conversation about the issues facing our city. After 10 minutes, the candidates will rotate to the next table. This "speed dating" format will allow participants contact with each of the candidates. Confirmed candidates include City Council Candidates, Celia Barotz, Jeff Knorr, Jim McCarthy, Scott Overton, Rhett Pepe, and Eva Putzova along with Mayoral Candidate James Hasapis. To further inform voters about the candidate's perspectives, we will be posting answers to a candidate questionnaire next week on the F3 website. Look for a print version of the questionnaire by the end of the month.

Join us on July 24th to learn about the people desiring your vote in the August 26th Primary Election.


Help Create Sustainable Communities - Keep Flagstaff Fabulous!

F3 envisions Flagstaff as a socially just community that embraces an environmentally sustainable lifestyle, protects open spaces and their ecological diversity, supports locally owned businesses, encourages the democratic process, and offers opportunities for all to live happy and productive lives.


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