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Sean Golliher Questionnaire 2022

1) In Flagstaff, our indigenous community has been marginalized for centuries. Nationally, there are efforts to limit the teaching of the histories of marginalized populations in the U.S. How would you ensure that Flagstaff is an inclusive and welcoming community and do you have ideas for how to include historically marginalized groups in local policy decisions?

I understand this point but that is the past all we can do is learn from it and make sure we do not repeat that kind of Evil Stupidity again. Those who dwell on the past fail to see the present and are blind to the future. So, I propose that we bring Communities together and build Resilience in all communities as Arizonans and Americans. Not as White, Hispanic, Native or Black Americans, that separates us and pits us against each other. We are all the same Race the HUMAN RACE! We do this through working together closely with in our communities and with all of the surrounding communities. We can bring all the boats up together. Besides we all have bigger problems coming that will need all hands-on deck like Global Recession/Depression and being less than 2 minutes to Midnight on the Nuclear War clock. We are closer to nuclear war now than we were during the Cuban Missile Crises of 1962. We need to start working together like our grand and great grand parents had to do during the Great Depression and Dust Bowl of the 1930’s and WW2 of the 1930’s and 40’s. In other words, to help all of the peoples of Northern Arizona we need to make this place John Wayne Again.


2) Northern Arizona Healthcare is proposing to move Flagstaff’s hospital from the center of town to a new location near Fort Tuthill. Do you have any concerns about the impact of this move on the Flagstaff community? How will you approach NAH to ensure that all newc onstruction is in line with the city’s carbon neutrality plan, including the utilization of clean energy sources? How will you ensure that the City is not burdened with expenses associated with the move, e.g., with the need for an additional bus line, emergency services, etc.?

I think the Flagstaff Medical Center’s move looks great on paper, but I want to see more details. Like what is to be done with the old buildings around town for Northern Arizona healthcare? What about the people that live north of downtown’s having timely access to medical attention? Are the City of Flagstaff and its People on the hook for any of this? For example, tax breaks or perks like footing the infrastructure and utility installation for their new facility at tax payer expense. There needs to be complete transparency that way we can encourage more involvement and feedback from all of the city’s’ residences and stake holders.  I believe these and other concerns should address. Putting my Program Management hat on I can see not only the aforementioned above, but many others. We need to dig deeper into the weeds first before I give my thumbs up though.


3) Which state laws do you see as impediments to the city’s ability to craft appropriate regulations? Which of these would you prioritize as a target for the City’s lobbyist?

None. I would instead be lobbing to get Arizona’s first Geothermal plant designed and built in and by Flagstaff, getting additional land for housing and to attract Companies that can employ 1000s if not 10s of 1000s people with high paying career jobs to Flagstaff and surrounding communities. Jobs with companies in future and space technologies i.e SpaceX, Nvidia and companies in blockchain, machine learning, artificial intelligence and 3D Manufacturing. These are just a few of the things what we should bed lobbing for while maintaining ourselves within the confines of Arizona’s Laws and Regulations.


4) The uncertainty of climate change impacts on Flagstaff’s water supply, coupled with projected growth means that the City is looking for additional sources of water for Flagstaff’s residents. What is your opinion of the Red Gap Ranch pipeline project and proposals to increase our drinking water supply with treated wastewater (indirect or direct potable reuse)? What do you believe is the best way to protect our water resources from contamination by compounds of emerging concern? How can the Flagstaff City Council ensure that growth does not impact an adequate and safe water supply for our population now and into the future?

 For me it is really simple to address all of “Climate Change” issues in these questions. I would begin with the following:

  • Boycott everything from China, Russia and India. They are the world’s largest polluters especially China that pollutes more than the rest of the world combined. China is building 17 new coal fire plant for 2022 and additional 20 to 25 per year after.
  • Undo Carbon Neutrality because it contradicts Science like Biology because plants need Carbon dioxide to breath. Many recent reports and interviews with scientists from both NOAA and NASA say that Carbon is actually really good for the planet.
  • Undo the agenda of installing Inefficient, Toxic Hazardous Non-recyclable Solar Panels and Windmills and replace it with building a Geothermal Power Plant.
  • Expand recycle programs. I’m big on conservation and recycling.
  • Build in Northern Arizona an actual reclamation Plant
  • Forrest management to bring health back to our surrounding forests and to help our local wildlife.
  • Build catches with drains into the lava tubes for underground water storage
  • Build dams and canals to catch additional runoff to redistribute through out the area for irrigation and reservoirs for both livestock and wildlife.
  • New technology like Graphene to filter the water or vaporizers to gather water out of the air as a quick example. I could go on but we don’t have all week.
  • Tap all the water we can with in the city. Like unused undeveloped city property that has an untapped underground aquifer on the east side of town aka Red Gap pipeline. I can cut the EPA tape down after all it in my wheelhouse as a Program Manager with Department of Homeland Security out of Washington DC.
  • To keep growth in check to ensure balance between population and local water supplies is to limit the number of students at Northern Arizona University. This will also answer the affordable housing issue too.

5) The needs of the residents of Flagstaff are changing and will continue to do so as climate change impacts are felt locally. We face the disastrous cycle of severe wildfires (e.g., the Tunnel, Pipeline, and Museum fires) followed by devastating flooding. How should the City respond strategically, proactively, and equitably to predicted local impacts on our neighborhoods?

For Forest Fires, I would expand and make a more robust forest management with Fire Breaks and removal of any Hazards like wind generators that are known to overload and also make perfect lightning rods. When those generators go up, they explode and melt all over the place. To mitigate and to prevent soil erosion with the floods will to work with the University to come up with a way to bring nutrients back to the soil after the fire with seeds for grass, bushes and trees in that mix. Especially the trees that are no longer here. Use it as an opportunity to reintroduce them. Then to mitigate the amount of debris from the floods I suggest a series of catches like chain link fences to catch the heavy debris while letting the water continue. In addition, as the flooding in historical flood plains get into our city I would evaluate what the city is trying to accomplish then expand upon it. Some of what I would look into would be to add canal systems with both under and above ground man made water reservoirs. Divert the water down specific paths then stored for a dry day. Excess can be used to irrigate fields and whatever else we want.


6) The City has begun the “Visioning” (Phase II) of the Flagstaff Regional Plan 2045. This plan is mandated and is a policy guide focused on land use. The Regional Plan covers a range of topics with information on current conditions, the community’s vision for the future, and goals and policies to realize the future vision. What is your vision of the future of Flagstaff related to land use and development and what goals do you believe should be included in the Plan?

First off, the Regional Plan 2045 with all of the connected Agendas like the 10-year housing plan to subsidize building Projects around town. This after I read the through some and skimmed others of these plans/agendas and I can tell with absolute certainly that this plan was hatched out of both the Chinese Communist Party and the World Economic Forum with Clause Schwab from Davos group. This is then pumped out through the UN and then implemented especially by all of the European and North American leaderships. So, scrap that plan unless you want slums in town, no baby formulae, high inflation, no money and by 2030 “Own Nothing and Have No Privacy and you’ll be happy for it” (Schwab, June 2022 WEF meeting). So, I propose an actual Program and legal reviews with State agency partners to see what can be salvaged but the overall is nothing more than a Con Job and should all be scrapped. Because of the above reason and that it doesn’t solve a thing but make us all very poor and their special interest friends very rich with possibly a lot of kickbacks. These plans and Agendas are rife with Conflicts of Interests from Special Interests. I’m from inside the Beltway so I know when I see something that even has the smell or appearance of a Conflict of Interest which actually lends to Corruption and Malfeasance of Office. I won’t stand for it and neither should the peopled of Flagstaff.