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Marilyn Weissman, Board Member

Marilyn Weissman moved to Flagstaff in 1992 with the desire to live full time where she would normally, as a big city dweller, take a vacation. She recently retired from her small land surveying business, which she had here in Flagstaff for 16 years.

When she first moved here she found a community on the verge of growing and potentially losing a lot of what the residents here cherish: access to open space, affordability, local small business and sustainable growth. Not long after she arrived, Friends of Flagstaff’s Future was established to work on preserving what locals love about Flagstaff. She joined the organization and volunteered in the many campaigns F3 took on: funding open space preservation, limiting the size of big box stores, having a Regional Plan and City Zoning Code that balanced the needs of the community with the demands of business and development. Eventually she became a board member and served as President. After a few years off the board she is glad to be back and participating in the revitalization of the organization.