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Marie Jones

Marie Jones was a frequent visitor to Flagstaff before moving here in 2011. She and her family settled in the Southside, attracted to its soul and spirit. With the advent of the notorious Hub, it became clear that the entire historic heart of Flagstaff was threatened by ill defined zoning regulations that failed to balance the genuine need for housing for a growing population with the precious character and livability that residents and visitors love. This realization led to her involvement with Stand Up for Flagstaff and then the Flagstaff Planning and Zoning Commission, which she’s been a member of since 2017. She’s also contributed to the Southside Community Plan as a neighborhood advocate. Marie has long admired the longstanding community advocacy work of F3, is excited about its strong revival, and delighted to join a board of extraordinary community activists. She loves that Flagstaff is an accessible community where people are well informed and involved. Marie’s professional work is as an artist and designer with a focus on public work.