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Flagstaff Assets

What three attributes do you consider Flagstaff’s greatest assets and why?

Becky Daggett

We attract creative problem solvers who are invested in our community.

Our natural environment provides clean air, recreation, stress relief, and beauty.

Our cultural diversity. The Diné and Hopi have a rich history and culture dating back long before others arrived and thrives today in Flagstaff and surrounding lands. People who arrived to work in industries such as lumber and farming continue today through remaining decedents. Our scientific and cultural institutions continue to teach us about this history while making new discoveries. It’s an exciting place to live for the curious minded.

Paul Deasy

I consider the following three attributes Flagstaff’s greatest assets:

1. Flagstaff’s location at 7,000 feet on the Colorado Plateau. We live in one of the most beautiful landscapes in the country with amazing outdoor recreation opportunities out our back door. While the City of Flagstaff has a population of about 72,000, it can feel smaller, something that many people really enjoy.

2. We are a hub for art and culture in Northern Arizona. The music, theater, and visual arts that Flagstaff cultivates is a huge asset to our community.

3. Our diversity. Being the closest city to many Native American reservations and tribes, and a city where most residents have relocated to, provides a place of rich multiculturalism.

Anthony Garcia

Three of Flagstaff greatest assets, ecologically speaking, are our people, environment and history. The people of Flagstaff are boldly unique in their resilient independent nature. We have a strong desire to build an equitable community that resembles the diversity of this land we occupy. In Flagstaff we are simply human beings that are compelled by respect for our natural surroundings. Our environment is sacred to us and we will fight to preserve it. Historically our ancestors were drawn here by the Peaks, which reside as the fulcrum for northern Arizona and the place of worship for our indigenous relatives.

Jim McCarthy

First, our people are diverse, open minded, and smart. That leads to interesting interaction from the personal level to the cultural level, for instance the music scene — everything from Pickin’ in the Pines to local bands on Heritage Square. I have attended Hopi Kachina dance ceremonies and learning events at the Murdoch Center. Next, our natural surroundings are amazing. I hike the Grand Canyon and our backyard – Mars Hill, Mt. Elden, and Humphreys Peak.

And finally, we have a can-do spirit. Examples include NACET (Northern Arizona Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology) and several local startup companies.

Eric Nolan

Flagstaff showed me a different way of being from where I grew up in Los Angeles as I had never lived so close to accessing nature and the landscape here has deeply enriched my life. Educational opportunities such as Lowell Observatory, Willow Bend Environmental Education Center, and NAU have all broadened my awareness of the world and for that I owe a debt of gratitude for those experiences. The third attribute is the people of Flagstaff as I’ve made so many friends over the years that have helped me to understand the importance of place and community.

Charlie Odegaard

1. The people. The diversity of people and culture in Flagstaff is incredible.
2. The charm of Flagstaff. The charm we have as a small town community, especially our downtown. You cannot go out in Flagstaff without running into someone you know, I love it. 3. The natural beauty surrounding Flagstaff. We are surrounded by Coconino National Forest with the largest Ponderosa forest and our viewsheds are incredible of our beautiful mountain.

Eric Senseman

Extensive and easily accessible trails and open space, a warm and welcoming community, and a small but bustling downtown corridor combine to produce an extremely high quality of life for Flagstaff’s citizens. I want to ensure that these characteristics continue to flourish as the city grows and evolves.

Miranda Sweet

Flagstaff offers a unique and diverse community. Our city is lucky to have cultures represented from so many diverse areas. My boys attended Puente de Hozho, a trilingual school that celebrated cultures from around the world. I see that same celebration in our Flagstaff community. We are lucky to have Flagstaff so entrenched in science and art, officially becoming a STEAM city. Flagstaff has 3,000 acres of legally designated open space properties that help our city retain character. These properties protect our region with ecological health while supporting economic development, while preserving our historic and cultural resources.