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Eric Nolan, Board Member

Eric Nolan is originally from Los Angeles, CA and moved to Flagstaff in 2010 to pursue a better quality of life. Having found this, Eric works on community and ecological initiatives to improve and strengthen a better quality of life for everyone through social and environmental justice endeavors.

Eric came to Flagstaff to pursue, and complete, an undergraduate degree in the Environmental Sciences at Northern Arizona University (NAU). He has also received a masters degree in Sustainable Communities and is currently completing a doctoral degree in the Curriculum & Instruction program at NAU’s College of Education. His doctoral work explores teaching and learning methods of college-level Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (or STEM) education by critically evaluating STEM’s socio-political dimensions.

Eric’s work in the community, and classroom, stems from a belief that knowledge is power and that power is best handled with an informed and educated society built on the premise that social and environmental justice is not only possible but essential for an integral democracy to function. He also believes that diversity is one of humanity’s greatest strengths as life itself is exceptionally diverse. He recognizes that a person’s cultural background (e.g., socioeconomic, tradition, language, religion, morals/ethics, ideologies and philosophies, and values), cognitive ability (e.g., intellectual, emotional, relational, spiritual, humor, and creativity), gender expression (e.g., gender identification and sexual expression), physical form (e.g., physical ability and talent), and age (e.g., intergenerational understanding and communication) play an integral role in how we come together in a social construction of our shared reality. Through this lens, he strives to work with community members to uphold the values and mission statement of Friends of Flagstaff’s Future.