What F3 Does For You!

You may already know what F3 contributes, year after year, to making Flagstaff a more sustainable and socially just community. In case you are not sure what we do, please watch this two minute video. It is a great recap not only of what F3 does throughout the year, but also about events and projects you and your family can get involved in in 2014.


Our board, staff, and volunteers attend important city council and commission meetings, we comment, edit, and research scientific papers, development proposals, and policy documents. We sponsor events, implement programs, and coordinate projects. All actively promoting a livable community!   

But we cannot do this without YOU!


Help Create Sustainable Communities - Keep Flagstaff Fabulous!

F3 envisions Flagstaff as a socially just community that embraces an environmentally sustainable lifestyle, protects open spaces and their ecological diversity, supports locally owned businesses, encourages the democratic process, and offers opportunities for all to live happy and productive lives.


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